Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Maybe I'm in a good mood because I'm not being weighed down by redundant torso fabric."

30 Rock's absurdist humor leaves me in stitches. You can watch an entire episode and lose count of all the zings they dole out. I've watched 30 Rock since the beginning, I'm not one of those casual viewers who only jumped on the bandwagon when Tina Fey exploded into the comedy stratosphere. No sir, I've watched since the beginning when the acting was uncomfortable at times and the story was often too focused on the actual production of TGS, their show within a show, rather than the insanity that goes on around it

While it hasn't had a run of perfect seasons and went a little overboard with the the guest stars a couple of years ago, the show seems to have found a good balance between plots that are purely for fun and those that move the story along. After a long hiatus during which Tina Fey had her second child, 30 Rock returned on the 12th and it was a pleasure to have them back. The premiere episode featured Kenneth excited by the apocalypse and celebrating his last day on earth by doing his dream chores. And on the Liz front, Tracy is determined to get to the bottom of her out of the ordinary happiness (she may be a crack whore) and ends up enlisting Jack to put the pieces together. The episode was an excellent first outing. It provided a plethora of one-liners woven into the main story of what is behind Liz's sudden happiness. I could go on, but you can watch it online so get to it. After all, the apocalypse is getting rescheduled all the time so you'd better get this in before it's too late.

Some gems:
"You try riding a cow through midtown Manhattan. The animal will panic." - Jack on Cash Cow, the failed NBC spin off of Cash Cab.
"I took a real age test that said I'm dead." - Tracy, who is not 42 years old
"What if I told you your first match burned his groin off in an accident in his cake shop?" - Jack enticing Liz to take advantage of
"Women's hell is the same as aroused dog heaven." - Kenneth
Satchel Paige tampons
"Did you know that Lemon attended college on a partial jazz dance scholarship?" - Jack, giving us a another piece of the puzzle

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